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Flight Simulators

Lone Star Events, Inc provides great ground entertainment for your event. We are insured and will provide you with a certificate of insurance before the air show. We charge $9.00 per person to ride and our payback to you is 20% of our gross which is paid to you before we leave on Sunday evening. We charge an affordable range between $8.00 and $10.00 per rider and establish a payback system to the hosting air show or venue based on volume.

We require a space of 20'X30' to set up and we have our own power supply.

There is 1 capsule in which 2 people ride. Each person is secured in their seat by the same type of safety harness used in military aircraft.

We have five rides that last approximately 4 minutes each. The rides are very realistic as they mimic the exact movements of the aircraft, including the barrel rolls.

F-16 Jet Fighter, (actual footage) - footage shot from the cockpit while chasing an unidentified plane from our air space. It takes off and lands, executes 5 barrel rolls.

P51 Mustang, (actual footage) - footage shot from the cockpit while doing maneuvers over the Mojave Desert. It takes off and lands, executes 4 barrel rolls.

Canyon Rider - This is a computer generated ride of an experimental jet flying in and out of canyons and over mountains. Very fast moving with 6 barrel rolls.

Star War - This is also computer generated ride that goes into outer space to chase and destroy aliens. It ends up like the movie "Independence Day", where a jet fighter barrel rolls into the enemy aircraft and blows it up. Very exciting. 3 barrel rolls.

Survivor - Another space story about people leaving our planet to relocate on another planet in our solar system. 2 barrel rolls.

***Ready to schedule Top Gun for you event or you need more information, contact us by completing the form and our customer service associate will contact you or call (817) 239-9427.